A Collection of Thoughts

The Simple Things

I’ve always had a tumultuous relationship with my mother.

Last Friday was the anniversary of her passing, and I’ve never felt more connected. I could really feel like she was watching upon me, with the tender, loving look that I would get so seldomly, but that would fill my heart with joy in an instant.

She’s been a tough mother, but, now that I am one myself, I understand so much of what her instincts told her. She was trying to give us direction, and, in doing so, didn’t allow us in, for fear she wouldn’t be able to hold up on her own.

I realize now how blessed I am to be in the position to see this from an external, objective point of view.

I’m grateful for my family and for not having to go through what my mom has gone through.

It’s always important to enjoy the simple things: Friday we went to visit her tomb, laid flowers, I spent time telling the baby about her grandma. She smiled all the way through, it was magical.

I also got a new hair brush straightener that I used for the first time to get ready before dinner. And that really helped me get ready quickly. I enjoy the little things, by getting some of the bigger things out of the way.