A Collection of Thoughts

New Year New Me!

Happy 2017 everyone!

In this new year, I have come up with a few resolutions. Besides the usual be healthier resolution everyone goes for, I have resolved to also say yes to myself more.

I found myself saying no to some things I had really wanted because my friends didn’t know if it was a good idea. The biggest of these things was to get a pet. My friends think that because I travel often that a pet is not a good idea. But year after year I kept running out of excuses because I thought often about how much I wanted one.

Then came the challenge of what type of pet to get. While I grew up with both dogs and cats, they each have pros and cons. Dogs are more cuddly, happy to see you etc, yet those out door potty breaks can be tough. Especially when you don’t have a backyard. Cats are not as cuddly, but they are smart animals who can be really sweet. Also they can show themselves to the potty when you’re not around. A big bonus for someone who travels often.

So I decided that for my current housing size, and frequent travel that a cat was the best pet for me. I went to my local animal shelter to find a cat that would be right for me. I picked out an adorable kitten, white with brown speckles. She’s marble colored, and when I saw her I smiled and giggled. I named her Snickers.

Snickers did great in the car ride home, but I knew I would quickly have to deck the place out for her to be comfy. I got a cat bed, scratch post, litter box, and toys. When it came to choosing a feeder, I knew I wanted to get something that could release meals on a timer. That would be a god send for me when I was away for a day or two. While browsing for a feeder, I also came across this article about pet cameras.

I had no idea that was a thing! My how times have changed since I last had a pet. They have pet cameras that let you check on your pet while you aren’t home. You can even play a laser game with them or toss them a treat! How cool! I think my friends really underestimated how much easier it would be for me to have a pet in this day in age. I can check on her throughout the day while I am at work, and never feel like I am missing a bea

Though I have only had Snickers now for less than a month and it feels like it has been my whole life. I am so happy I made the leap to get a pet, it is so worth it. Last week I even got her a little harness so that I can let her explore outside. Although cats do not usually love this, since she is a kitten I am hoping to get her acclimated. She is pretty small and almost slipped out of the harness so I think I will wait until she is a little bigger!

Hope you all made some nice resolutions this year and are having fun with them! Happy New Year!