A Collection of Thoughts

A New Chapter

The past few days have been intense: getting into the new house, finding the right furniture and taking care of the baby.

I was so stressed out, I felt a little hopeless at times. It took a heavy dose of news coverage about the Syrian immigrants to put everything in perspective and make me feel totally selfish for being sad while all these great changes are going on.

I figured I’d kickstart my blog back.. clean slate, it was overdue. Writing here will probably relax me, just like it used to.

The other day I went into town with Jacob and little Annie. It was nothing short of magical, and suddenly I felt all the weight over my shoulders lift.

I saw this girl playing in a fountain, and she was so free.. I remember doing the exact same thing, and how nothing else mattered. Totally lost in the moment, with no mortgage or bills or planning in sight. It was delightful. And I’ve discovered that I can still be that little girl if I want to.

Jacob ended up trying out his new self balancing board, and he loves it. I think it looks really goofy, but that may also be because I can’t ride the thing for the life of me!

Anyhow, Annie fell asleep around 3pm and she didn’t wake up despite all the noises around her.

When we got home we were very tired.. goes to show I’m not too young anymore I guess!

I fed Annie and, after she went back to bed, we had some dinner with a really nice bottle of Merlot we bought (much needed). We watched a movie streaming online, and we fell asleep on the couch.

For today, my thought goes to that little girl, and I hope that I’ll be able to keep in mind how I can be like her, whenever I get stressed out, whenever things don’t work out.