Valerie's Daily Inspirations - REMINDER: There Is ONLY One You!
I'd like to begin with my continuing thanks to all of those who have been passing along their get-well's and still asking how I am.
As it has been only two months since my surgery I am still in pain, but it has not stopped me from getting back to work, both my job and passion.  I'd like to share with you how yesterday made me regain my hope that little by little we can create magic and bring hope back into this world.
 Yesterday I had the opportunity to not only celebrate an early morning tea party with a little "Anna" from Frozen who had me attend as a guest at the party place Kidden Around in Wayne, but later that morning I was able to spent time with a 5 year old hero and the make-a-wish Foundation. This little Angel wanted to meet Elsa and how can you deny such a magical request. Annie Petrowski McKay helped in arranging a dream come true.
Looking in the eyes of such a small soul and seeing the pain and suffering, the heartache and depression, you give all your energy and love to take it away, even if it's only for a few... moments....a few moments to escape reality and escape into a world you feel safe... It is worth every second, every tear, your own pain you take away.
It's more than that. I take away a greater appreciation of life, a deeper compassion for others, a true understanding of unconditional love.
Don't wait until it's too late to make a wish come true.
We see things as we want to see them...  Choose to see them beautiful...
Even as you look through
Without your donations this website would not be able to run.  Please, if you can donate any amount, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
 Throw Blankets
100% Cotton
Approx. 30" X 40".
Machine Washable.
Recycled Cotton.
Angels Without Wings has been so active out in the community! I hope that you have been keeping up!  Remember, without you help, none of this could be possible!
Thank you!
Below are just a few images and a video  from the past several months!
Visit this site to see some footage from Newark's National Night Out
NJID New Jersey Institute for Disabilities FundraiserAnti-Bullying FundraiserWalk for WillSummer Safety Program Launch (Cory Booker)
Touch a TruckAutism AwarenessFighting for a Good CauseTouch A Truck
Mayor's Park DayFredon Day: Sussex CountyMy Brother Vinnie Award Ceremony
Memorial DayWounded Warriors FundraiserBreast Cancer FundraiserJoey's Visit
Wounded Warriors Fund. (2)My Brother VinnyNewark
Angels Without Wings
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Battling Bullying By Building Confidence
A wonderful day of family, friends, and building confidence. Angels Without Wings, Inc. brought everyone together at Title Boxing Club in Wayne... and with the support of so many vendors, the Fire De...
A tremendous thank you to all of those who participated and/or attended the Building Confidence Event for Angels Without Wings.
It was a great success!
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beliveEveryday you are offered a fresh start not only for yourself, but for what you will offer others.  Each day (or as often as I can) I will do my best to offer you reminders, inspiration, motivation, and be that little voice   you deserve that whispers, YOU are truly amazing and unique.
YOU are a sparkle of an individual.
YOU are the reason for so many others joy.
YOU are the reason someone is smiling.
I'd Also like to say how amazing it is, to read the messages, texts and notes of how sometimes someone feels as though I have made an impact on their day. You make me feel as though this is worth it!
Thank you.
Listen.... There is a reason for everything...
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